Wow I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the big SB announcement…to celebrate I made this past week officially unofficial Chrobin week by wearing my buttons of them every day lol. But now that Chrobin week is over what better way to celebrate than to get back into this meme I had to put on hiatus? Since they were the next pairing on my list~ (tbf this is probably going to turn into a huge Robin / Awakening rant in general though LOL)

Day 25 - A pairing that was/would be adorable but could never work out?

So as a lot of people know I am the biggest Chrobin shipper on the face of the Earth so maybe the description for this Day might confuse you. But I like to break the system so -shrugs-

The reason why is that my first/main Robin was male. I just prefer to play as male characters in games, so sue me. But because of that, he could never be with Chrom, and the game became one huge ship tease.

To be honest I didn’t really expect much from Awakening. I actually thought it was kind of silly when it was first announced since they were bringing all the old characters back and it looked like some kind of weird fighting game (the only thing I was excited about was that I could legitimately ship Ike and Marth without getting shit for it OTZ). But I decided to get the limited edition DS pre-order anyways mostly because once the hype convinced me to go in all the normal pre-orders were sold out and I WANTED THAT DANG ARTBOOK (and the FE DS is so pretty~).

That being said I actually received the game right before Katsucon that year so I decided it would be a good time killer on the bus ride over. Expecting nothing, I turned it on…

Within the first 5 seconds I knew that Chrobin was going to be my OTP. I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t want it, it just came in like a wrecking ball and took over my life. From the VERY BEGINNING Chrom and Robin seem to be set up as the ship of the game…their “meet cute” is even wrought with symbolism…Chrom pulling Robin up out of his amnesia / despair (although he didn’t know it yet). (SOME SPOILERS TO FOLLOW) And in that moment you can see the flash of Grima’s mark when Robin’s hand meets with the Exalted Chrom…and I just noticed this but what’s even more heartbreaking is that Robin doesn’t have his gloves on in this screen even though the rest of his outfit is the same so later gets his gloves…I wonder if this is because, like it was revealed, he actually did keep his last memories and had some premonition of what was to come… ; ^; (END SPOILERS)

But Chrom and Robin are just adorable…two men whose paths crossed and changed one another forever. I love how the game is broken up into 3 parts (even though this has received a lot of criticism) because in each part you can chart Chrom and Robin’s relationship growth and how they are always there to support one another. In the beginning despite being a capable leader Chrom suffers from a lot of self doubt (especially after what happens with Emmeryn) and right after that chapter he is in a very dark place…he loses faith in himself as a leader, a lord, and a human being. And while all of the Shepherds are there to lift him up it is Robin’s words which are able to bring him back from the brink…and even though they had been fighting together all that time what Robin says really binds their fates together: “If you fall then we fall together.” This is crucial since in the next arc we learn more about Robin’s past…and for the first time the very level-headed Robin begins to doubt himself…even to the point of almost committing suicide (depending on what you choose in Lucina’s Choice) and just as Robin was there for Chrom, Chrom does the same for Robin…telling him that they are “two halves of a greater whole” and giving him his complete trust and devotion. 

Separated I think that Robin and Chrom both feel very helpless, thrust into the hands of fate. (SPOILERS AGAIN) In Future Past it is revealed that Robin succumbed to Grima after killing Chrom and gave up all hope…Chrom was the one thing keeping him sane and once that was gone there was nothing left…and it’s likely that without Robin, even with Lucina’s help, Chrom would have been crushed under the pressure of leadership against his doomed fate… (END SPOILERS)

But together both of them give each other the confidence to defy their fate…because Robin believes in the “invisible bonds” uniting him with Chrom and Chrom has the faith in Robin to trust him to overcome his destiny.

It is this utter faith and reliance that makes these two so freaking shippable. And their relationship is completely unique in any of the FE games I’ve played, at least.

Which is another reason why Awakening is one of my favorite installments in the series. Even though there are a lot of cute, cool, quirky characters and the fandom gravitates towards them, oftentimes leaving Robin in the dust (not…enough…Robin…fanart…), the simple truth is that every FE:A player loves Robin…somewhere deep inside, even if they don’t immediately show it. We all have this deep connection with him/her because, in many ways, Robin is us, and Robin is central to the story, giving us the opportunity to be right alongside with those other characters we love.


Actually just thinking about Robin breaks my heart because we never know the full extent of his past…just that he was the first to carry the necessary Heart of Grima and was raised by the Grimleal to resurrect him…I can only imagine what his life would have been like…probably separated from his parents (or at least his mother) forever…steeped into the deep Grimleal rituals…put on a pedestal but never for himself…only because of the blood he carried inside… ; ^; 


And even though my MaMU and Chrom can’t ever be together…(even if the game mechanics would have allowed for same-sex partnerships their union would have meant no Lucina and no Morgan……..which is just as horrible since I love them both to death)…I still see their relationship as the strongest in the game, the driving force behind the plot, and the reason why I love FE:A sooo much~

Of course on my FeMU game I shipped Chrobin faster than vulture descend upon a dying carcass. But although I love my FeMU Biron there’s something about MaMU and Chrom that makes it even more bittersweet and special…like their Supports are just soo freaking cute with Robin worrying about Chrom and Chrom pretending like it’s no big deal and so desperate to go looking for people to save “because of you.” 

Because together, they want to forge a stronger army by creating “new bonds”

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

As much as I love Yuuta x Rika………not gonna lie I’m sensing major Yamashita vibes from this guy…… (CrackTPs that shiz so fast)


That’s it

Where can I sign the adoption forms for this kid?

Full Confession: I find Apollo Justice so damn attractive. I adore his personality and his looks. I adore his fashion as well. UGH. I’m so attracted to him.

Full Confession: I find Apollo Justice so damn attractive. I adore his personality and his looks. I adore his fashion as well. UGH. I’m so attracted to him.

You have to love me.

Tonight, you’re reserved as my private girl”

-Private Girl, Mawaru Penguindrum


I want to put more cosplay on here so have some Himari from AX Day 0. Still hoping to do our full HHH shoot for Otakon but we’ll see~ x’D 

My dad saw this photo and asked why I was interviewing a little penguin. (Wow I’m so used to typing Penguindrum my fingers didn’t stop at penguin lol).


Himari Takakura: Tamadachi Cosplay

Photograph by: Cheebs Photography

(Source: teraqua)


Merman Haruka!
I’m enjoying this paintingy thingy!


You can tell a lot about someone from how intensely they get into Bohemian Rhapsody


uh, what do you mean this isn’t what happend?

I’m laughing because my little cousin walked in during the part where Nagisa is clinging to Rei’s leg and giving him a heartfelt speech and his reaction was literally: “Is he gay?” (pointing to Rei). 

Me: wut?

Cousin: He just kissed that guy!

Me: wut?

And then after he left his brother came in a few minutes later (still during the passionate speech) and looked at Rei and asked: “Is he gay?”

Me: what is going on?

Cousin 2: (Looking at shot of entire club [plus Gou]) These guys are all gay.

Me: why this?

Cousin: Are they gay?

Me; I DON’T KNOW ASK THEM YOURSELF (Inside: I wouldn’t mind at all if they were…>,> <,< >,>)

My Review of My Own Blog

I’m laughing because I was just randomly clicking through some stuff and saw that some people responded to some of my anime “reviews?” 

TBH I don’t “review” anything these are all just my opinions. I only post stuff on here mostly because I have a lot of feels and I had this feeling that everyone was subconsciously tired of reading my anime spam on FB and I thought this would be easier to write longer comments. 

I wouldn’t even tag things under title names except I’m really OCD and I want to make them easy to look up on my blog in case I want to re-read them or remember some stuff…which I still need to change / re-organize and haven’t had time to get around to. ^,^;;;

Still it was a weird reminder that I’m not alone on this site. I can’t believe anyone would take something I wrote at 3:00 AM hyped on feels seriously though, lol. It’s just my opinion I don’t expect anyone else to follow them. -shrugs- I certainly don’t want anyone to feel attacked for liking something that I do not…so I’m sorry if it ever comes off that way. Again these are just my opinions and I couldn’t care two shits what anyone else thinks…unless it’s EvangelionTokyo Babylon, or Mawaru Penguindrum, but that’s a different story. xD

I do think it’s funny that some of the people complained that I was biased when I even wrote that I was biased right in the post and accused me of not knowing the series when I literally started by saying that I didn’t know the series. That’s why I was laughing. xDDD

I was actually considering making a streamlined process for actual anime reviews on here (mostly as a way to convince myself to review/finish some older series)…but since it’s been so long since I’ve seen some of those IDK if I’ll actually do it…Maybe!

I actually intended this blog to be more for cosplay but it’s kind of slipped into my anime rants at this point………..not sure if I should make a separate cosplay blog but that sounds like effort which I know I probably won’t expend. xD But I do wanna think about bringing cosplay more into this…maybe I’ll post more things…do some restructuring.