Oh God this monologue basically encapsulates everything I love about Hamatora. Amidst the really bizarre and random, the whacky characters, and the blatant unabashed fan service there’s just such a brilliant story going on. Even though it has so many typical shounen elements I feel like the creators are really trying to make a statement about power and even a testimony to both those who have it and those who do not. I mean, it’s been done to death in anime and whatnot but Hamatora has just done such an amazing job of setting up the characters and their relationships with one another to highlight this motif. And yet we still know next to nothing about them, even Birthday and Ratio who had a whole episode dedicated to them.

Nice especially is the hardest to read, but I think that only underlines Moral’s whole “it’s lonely at the top” view, but it’s also fighting against it, too. When I think back to when Nice shows the most character that seems closest to his real self, it’s around Art. While Art was vastly different from Nice the two had a genuine, equal relationship (until Moral started messing it up). But even so we can see how much Nice genuinely cares for him, and I think Art realized it, too, which is why he would always think back to that moment where Nice was talking about how much fun the mutant Minimum Holder was having. That scene was obviously important since they kept repeating it so many flipping times. But other times when he’s fighting (even for “justice” or a good cause) he often has this deadpan look on his face which is even a little sad. So there’s obviously a lot we still don’t know and I wonder how long the show is going to keep that up now that the one person who seemed capable of breaking Nice’s barrier is no longer there…

And then Art is just amazing…the more I think about him the more I love him as a character. Obviously he is the most relatable  as we not only see his real, everyday struggles but he is without a Minimum as (I would think) the average viewer is as well. But the amount of time spent focusing on his character just to show his suffering but how he never let it cloud his vision or change his focus or feelings about his friend just made the impact of last episode so much more horrifying for me. And tragic, really. And I think it’s ironic that while Art fought to gain his own power for himself Moral didn’t consider that to be viable as true power, even though he’s basically doing the same thing (albeit on an obviously larger scale).

And now we have the same thing coming in again from Murasaki’s pov. I’m actually laughing because for a few episodes now it’s felt like he’s been kicked out of his own anime in favor of Art/ BirthdayRatio (who so far to me are more interesting characters, anyways). But Murasaki is good for an odd word of wisdom and random philosophizing. But here we see that other side of him…again, typical Shounen Pokemon-esque aspect of having a rival who can never win. But I like how dark this scene was in portraying Murasaki’s frustration at his role. It’s a very quiet, atmospheric scene and the way Nice is drawn, showing him through yet another character’s eyes. And yet again I wonder if we’re ever going to see the “real” Nice who’s not just a reflection of someone else’s ideals or keeping mostly to himself or if that’s just part of the statement Hamatora is trying to make. It seemed as if this episode wrapped up the Murasaki mini-arc with the whole “Next time, I’ll win” attitude, but I just keep thinking about how serious Murasaki looks here and, similar to Art, I don’t think the writers are just going to forget about their characters’ emotional development since that’s pretty much what they’ve been doing this whole time, and why Hamatora has such a great atmosphere / feel.

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